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How To Create A Poll For Instagram And Twitter

Updated: Jan 14

How to create a poll for Instagram and Twitter - an Instagram page on a smartphone

Short online polls are great to run on social media networks for your website, business, politics or just for fun but where do you begin? So, to get started you will learn how to create a poll for Instagram and Twitter along with the types of online polls available and the benefits of running online polls.

Remember online polls tend to be a single question where you ask people which option they prefer at any particular point in time, so it’s a good way to engage with people or to get customer feedback.

Table of contents

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How to create a poll for Instagram

The options available on Instagram are somewhat limited, so it’s best to use specialised online platforms, which makes the whole process quick and easy to do as well as integrating with other applications seamlessly.

Keep the following top 4 practices in mind when creating an Instagram poll:

1. Focus on your target audience

Concentrate on your target audience with a poll that would appeal and be of interest to them as they like to express themselves and know what others think about the topic.

2. Keep the poll brief and clear

Where all answer options are provided and are mutually exclusive. You can also have the option for others to come up with answers.

3. Make the Instagram poll visually appealing

Create appealing Instagram poll, so add a video or an image to the question or even to each of the answer options.

4. Collect leads

Gather leads as polls are a great way to obtain leads, so show the lead form before people are able to view answers to the poll. You have poll answers as well as their contact information.

4 Steps to sharing a poll on Instagram

Step 1: In using the online platforms like to produce the poll using the poll creation form.

Step 2: Click the Embed & Share button that is related to the poll.

Step 3: Click the Link tab and copy the link

Step 4: Paste the link in your Instagram account under your Instagram bio. As long as your followers are engaged, you are likely to get lots of visits to your bio, so the link will either lead to your website where poll is embedded or via the landing page on the online platform your using. You can also promote the poll on Instagram stories to go to the link in your bio. Note at the moment Instagram does not allow you to add a linkable link in the stream.

Note if you have a verified Instagram personal or business account with 10,000 or more followers then your able to add the poll link directly to your Instagram stories. To do this you need to go to your Instagram feed and tap the camera icon at the top left part to start your story and select the image then tap the chain to include your link. Remember to include a call to action such as swipe up to vote.

How to create a poll for X (Twitter)

As with Instagram your better off creating a poll for X (formerly known as Twitter) with a specialised online platform that has plenty of features available such as JotForm with all the additional features that will be straight forward to build (drag and drop) and make the poll engaging and easy to use.

Download this free E-book to learn how to make use of the platform's productivity and automation features.

Bear in mind the top 4 practices when creating X (Twitter) polls:

1. Concentrate on your users

Focus on your users with an interesting topic that will appeal to them.

2. Choose an appealing question

Select an appealing question that will hold the interest of your users, where they will be interested in what others have voted for.

3. Make it stand out visually

Stand out with an introductory video or image. Plus, you are able to add images to the answer options as well.

4. Carefully include the answer options

Take care in adding answer options that are concise, clear and do not overlap.

4 steps to sharing a poll on X (Twitter)

Step 1: Create the poll using a poll creation form or a template.

Step 2: Find the poll on your dashboard from the online platform.

Step 3: Click Embed & Share button and then the Link tab.

Step 4: Finally copy and paste the link into your Twitter post.

Another really quick and simple way to add a poll to X is via the publishing options, which includes X (Twitter) integration, so it’s simply clicking on the relevant social button and it will link your poll to the platform.

8 key types of online polls you can run

There are a variety of polls you can use for different purposes, below are 8 types of online polls available to use:

1. Funny poll

Amusing polls that will keep your followers engaged.

2. Feedback poll

Feedback poll to get feedback straight away on any urgent matters.

3. Political poll

Political poll to test the pulse of society regarding political issues or candidates.

4. Event polls

As part of event planning in gathering personal preferences of participants to organise getaways or events.

5. Academic polls

Academic polls to collect answers instantly during lectures or to get quick and accurate data of a research topic.

6. Content polls

Content polls to help you decide which topics to cover on social media for your blog, Facebook page, Instagram account or your YouTube channel.

7. Customer polls

This could be feedback about the service they received or preferences for new features. These are just a couple of examples as it can cover a range of topics.

8. Employee polls

This could be via company emails, website or mobiles to ask what they think of certain company policies or where to go for the next team outing. This helps to keep employees engaged and give them a collective voice for any issues.

Top 5 benefits of online polls

Here is why you need to run online polls with the top 5 benefits of online polls below:

1. Easy to do

Easy to do with a specialised online platform it’s easier to distribute a poll to your audience. Majority of the features available make it easier to reach a large audience with customised sharing options.

2. Quicker and less error prone

by using an online poll maker platform, you will be able to speed up response collection and limit the chances of human error.

3. Inexpensive to use

so you won’t burn a hole in your pocket with even some tools included that are free.

You have a better chance with a themed and visually appealing poll that your audience wants to engage with rather than plain and dull paper form.

5. Data capture and analysis in real time

A poll from an online poll maker platform will automatically capture the data and you will be able to see the results in real time through customised report views without manually having to go through the data.

So why wait and get started now with any of these easy to use online platforms like JotForm that you can customise and make engaging insightful polls that your audience will love and much much more.



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