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Resources & Tools

We thought it would be helpful to create a resource page for all your market research and insights needs. Suggest you bookmark it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

[Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links at no additional cost to you.]

Survey Maker platforms (including online polls)

  • JotForm - is a popular online form builder that is trusted  by over 8 million people for all types of businesses large and small, where you will be able to create all types of surveys and forms using the drag and drop method for many of your requirements. JotForm houses a very wide range of templates to use and they allow for customization with a number of integrations of not only surveys but also visualise and present results quickly via the report builder and ability to build apps without coding as well.

  • 123FormBuilder – offers a large library of online form and survey templates along with an easy to use survey creator that you can use for your website with simple drag and drop functions and allows for integration with other digital tools such as Paypal or Mailchimp.

  • SurveySparrow – is a omnichannel online management platform that allows you create surveys by either starting from scratch or customising a template and share it through a wide variety of methods. Reporting dashboards that can be customised for analysis or can be exported in easy to use formats (Excel). Surveys can be in conversational format for up to 40% more engagement from participants. You also have the options to create online polls and quizes as well. They help to service a variety of organisations, individuals and businesses from healthcare, educators to websites.  This platform allows for automation such as NPS and includes API so it can interact with multiple software or digital tools such as Wordpress, Slack, Mailchimp, Stripe, Salesforce, Zendesk and Zapier.


  • Typeform – is a great user friendly survey and form maker platform, where no coding is required and has a slick interface that has everything including a built in video and photo library to bring surveys to life. Themes and layouts are customisable for your business or individual needs. Surveys can be designed in conversational format for higher engagements amongst participants. Surveys or forms can be shared through multiple ways such as email, social media or embedded in your website. Results can be shared through generated reports or sent to your most useful tools for analysis. The surveys can be integrated with a variety of applications that you may use such as Slack, Google Drive, Excel Online, and many more. Another interesting feature from Typeform is VideoAsk, which is a new way of receiving responses for feedback, testimonials and leads through short videos from customers via your website, email or social media. So you get quantitative data to go along with the qualitative responses to bring the data to life.

  • Opinion Stage – Another interactive platform to not only to create surveys from scratch or use templates with advanced survey reporting but also fun online polls, quizes and forms. They help to support different types of organisations from large enterprises to small businesses such as ecommerce, publishers, agencies, brands, creators and educators for lead generation, traffic, assessments, sales and insights.​

Social listening and monitoring tools


  • Awario – is well known and allows you to listen and monitor to brand mentions on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as well as news channels. This social listening tool enables you to carry out sentiment analysis (positive, negative and neutral brand mentions) and boolean search for both novices and experts to track special words or symbols on search engines in two clicks. So can be automated and includes social listening API for easy integration with software applications such as Slack. There is one reporting dashboard that includes all the social media analytics you need, so you can watch in real time, see who the main influencers are and what are the most important mentions. Other features includes location based monitoring, topic clouds and offers a social selling tool to follow-up potential leads for those looking people looking for similar types of products or services to yours on social media.

  • Brand24 – is a social monitoring platform that will allow you instant access to brand mentions across news, blogs, reviews, social, forums, podcasts, videos and more. You can respond to both positive and negative mentions of your brand, where you are alerted to such comments through automated sentiment analysis to help you protect your brand by engaging in conversations. Your able to track marketing and PR efforts including hashtag tracking along with finding out what customers like and dislike about your business or website.

  • TweetDeck – is a social media dashboard from Twitter, where you can manage several twitter accounts and monitor mentions.


Website design feedback tool


  • Pastel – This is more for website design usability testing, where this application will allow designers, clients, and developers to leave comments along with any attachments directly on the website page using any device. This is ideal for building or redesigning websites or web apps where only the relevant parties involved can give feedback directly on each of the pages of the site, which is better than endless back and forth email chains, where misunderstandings can occur and waste time and money.  This connects to your tools seamlessly and can be used for mockups and wireframes as well. There are no installations or downloads required as clients can click on the Pastel canvas link and comment straight away.

Graphics Tools


  • Canva – is a handy graphics tool that you create images or infographics not only for your reports, presentations, documents, posters, flyers, cards and logos but also for social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. There are many templates available along with photos, videos, text fonts, animation and shapes with simple drag and drop functionality.



Secondary Research Sources Of Information


  • Google Trends – is free online tool that can be used by anyone to find out what people are searching for over time and in different markets. It helps to check on upcoming fashions and trends.

  • Google Analytics – is a great tool to check your website’s performance and how is it being found by visitors filtered by location, date, time, returning visitors, type of traffic and which pages of your sites are performing well or not.

  • Eurostat - European office of statistics

  • UN Comtrade – Another B2B source that covers data for imports and exports.

  • Mintel – is a leading worldwide market intelligence agency that offers paid reports for most industries and sectors.

  • – Other than  Google Keyword Planner this is a great keyword research tool for niches and inspecting your competition on the web.


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