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Conversational Forms: Discover What So Good About Them

Updated: Apr 9

Conversational forms: Discover what so good about them - picture of a conversational survey from a food delivery app.

As customers are becoming more resistant to long emails and traditional static surveys, conversational forms offer a newer alternative to enhance customers experience of websites. In this article you will find out what so good about conversational survey forms for both businesses and customers.

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What are conversational forms?

A conversational form survey allows visitors to engage in a conversation with websites via an interactive application on site much like messaging apps to ask questions about the service or site in conversational form instead of a static one directional question format. Questions and answers can be adapted utilising AI chat bots as it learns from previous responses.

The benefits of conversational forms

The ability to have dialogue with an interactive interface on a website is what makes conversational form surveys so good as it mimics face to face interviews online through AI survey chat bots. Conversational surveys allow visitors to feel at ease and further enhance engagement as well as increasing survey response rates and go beyond collecting standard metrics with AI supported follow-up questions. Plus, a range of traditional survey topics can be covered such as customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score (NPS), brand and website evaluations.

There are a number of benefits of conversational form surveys explained below that are split between customers and businesses.

Top 5 customer benefits of conversational forms:

1. Fun and engaging

It’s more fun and engaging for visitors to the website to participate in comparison to static questionnaires.

2. On a personal level

Conversational surveys are more on a personal level without the human interaction, customers feel they have a voice and are valued by the brand.

3. Familiar user interface

The user interface can be similar to messaging apps that visitors use like Facebook, so won’t feel alien to them.

4. Opportunity to provide feedback

An all-round experience to give customers the opportunity to provide feedback that is understood and receive a response in conversational form by the AI interface.

5. Ability to close the loop

The ability to close the loop during the conversational survey in giving explanations such as the mobile illustration shown earlier or providing solutions.

Top 6 advantages of conversational forms for businesses:

1. Resemble the brand voice and tone

The AI chat bots can be designed to resemble the brand voice and tone of the business to maintain your brand identity and give customers a brand experience to engage and retain.

2. Opportunity to market your website

It provides another opportunity to market your website in providing information about services or products for repurchases or upselling.

3. More open responses

Conversational surveys encourage visitors to be more open in their responses than traditional questionnaires.

4. Higher completion rates

More likely to have a higher completion rate compared to standard surveys, so a more representative sample of your target audience and gain better insights.

5. Encouraging longer participation

Visitors are more likely to spend time in providing you with answers that will deliver vital extra nuggets of information that you may not have got through standard methods.

6. Gain background information

You can gain the background behind the answers given with follow-up questions that are relevant to the participant, which may lead to actions through other communications that will benefit the customer.

Take action

Conversational form surveys are not only used to monitor and track customer experience metrics such as customer satisfaction research or Net Promoter Score (NPS) but also gain a deeper understanding of your customers as well as lead capture, case creation, employee engagement and more.

Using a conversational form survey with AI interface may seem daunting but you don’t need to be an IT expert as it is relatively straight forward to use where online omnichannel survey platforms like JotForm will do most of the leg work and will get you started in 3 different ways on your website, is mobile friendly for any device and even manage payments for orders. So why don’t you give it a try on your website and enjoy the benefits of using conversational form surveys. Also keep in mind some of these useful short tips when getting started by keeping it simple, be conversational, get to the point more swiftly, reflect what context the survey text is being used, acknowledge each answer and respond.



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