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Survey Bot: What’s Great About Using It

Updated: Feb 26

Survey bot - what's great about using it

What is a Survey Bot?

A survey bot also known as a chat bot engages with users online to not only gather their feedback and data but also to support, help and guide them as well as resolving any issues.

Survey bots are a great tool in engaging with users and understanding them better by drawing key insights from feedback and data gathered of visitors views, opinions and behaviour.

Therefore, rather than a long standard survey form, customers are more likely to interact with a survey bot by encouraging users to engage in a conversational manner. This will not only help to profile your target audience better but also enhance your customer experience.

These conversational type surveys via a survey bot can be shared by text message, email, push notifications, Facebook and Twitter messages.

The great thing about this is it’s easy to incorporate on a website or app without you having to be a technical whizz as the code is automatically generated, so it’s ready to be copy and pasted onto a website.

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7 Benefits of using a Survey Bot

1. Capacity to track user experience

This is a perfect opportunity to gather feedback about customers interactions with your business, whether that’s measuring their sales experience to their likelihood of recommending your business to friends and family (NPS).

2. Gather feedback about your website

By collecting feedback from users regarding your website, will enable you to understand your customers journey, while interacting with your website. This will be about different aspects of your site like content, appeal, fluidity, ease of locating information and products on your website.

3. Ability to collect in-app responses

A survey bot can be set up on your app to gather feedback from customers instantly. For example, measuring users reaction to new features before they are rolled out to the rest of the business.

4. Can be integrated with majority of apps

The survey bot can be fully integrated and work seamlessly with majority of apps that your business may use. For example, with you can integrate a survey bot with all apps like Webhooks, Slack, Zapier and HubSpot.

5. Ease of capturing lead information

So not to miss out on any possible leads, you can setup a survey bot on main pages of your website that visitors land on and generate lead information easily.

6. Provide support to all website visitors

By deploying a survey bot on your website and app, your able to provide support 24/7 to all visitors to your site to resolve issues swiftly, answer any queries and notify sales support straight away.

7. Capacity to announce important information

Valuable information or announcements can be aired via a survey bot on a website or app, where any queries can then be answered swiftly and support can be provided.

6 Common uses of Survey Bots

1. Monitor visitors shopping experience online

In an ecommerce website, a survey bot can be embedded to activate when customers make a purchase or leave the shopping cart to start collecting their opinions and behaviour on what appealed to them, any suggestions they have or what put them off a potential purchase. All this information can then be used to improve customer experience (CX) and even the product range on offer.

2. Product order forms

Survey bots can also be used for product order forms from visitors online, where you can be notified of new orders and organise all the order details and prioritise where necessary.

3. Record customer delivery experience

After a successful delivery has been made, a survey bot can then be used to ask customers to evaluate their overall delivery experience and the products they received. This is particularly useful for food or clothes orders.

4. Collect sign ups to events & competitions

Utilise a survey bot to collect sign ups to an event you may have like a conference or competition such as a prize draw for the first 100 customers of a new product release. This is a perfect opportunity to gather some quick feedback from visitors on what they hope to learn from an event, why they took part and any other relevant questions you may want to ask.

5. To schedule and collect appointment details

A survey bot can also be employed to collect appointment details and schedule them, whether that be for eye tests, dental appointments, dress fittings, hair and beauty treatments. This can also be employed via a confirmation email once a suitable time and date has been chosen.

6. To improve travel booking experience

If you own a travel website or similar, you can get ahead of your competitors by regularly improving the travel booking experience of your site by utilising the feedback that a survey bot has collected from your visitors. For example, there could be an issue that you may be unaware of that stops visitors booking with you, which can easily be resolved.

4 Steps in how to create & use survey bots

Step 1: Produce a survey bot with a conversational outline and media

Firstly, by using an online platform like SurveySparrow, you can build the survey bot by drafting and organising the questions in a conversational manner and adding media elements to this such as videos, audio, pictures and emoticons, so the survey bot is more engaging in building a rapport with visitors. In having it this way with an avatar will help draw key information by making visitors comfortable and at ease in providing their feedback.

Step 2: Easily insert your survey bot to a website or app

The next step is deployment, which is straight forward once you have created the survey bot. As mentioned earlier you don’t need to know code as it’s automatically generated if using these online platforms, so all you need to do is just copy and paste the HTML code onto your website or app. Also, the code does not need to be replaced, if you make changes to your conversational questions as it will update straight away.

Step 3: Gather feedback and data

After the survey bot has been deployed and is live, all you need to do is sit back while the bot securely collects the data and feedback from visitors to your site. You should then be able to see the data in real time and get an early indication of user’s opinions and behaviour.

Step 4: Analysis of the data and draw key insights

In using a decent survey bot, a reporting module should be available for you to use. This will not only help you to analyse the data and investigate certain aspects but will produce great visual reports to draw insights from and make decisions strategically whether it’s tackling any issues with the product offering to how to get ahead of your competition.

You now have all the information you need to make the next step in knowing how beneficial using a survey bot will be. As mentioned, before you can use which are easy to use online platforms to create a survey bot to your liking that can easily be incorporated onto your website or app.



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