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Learn What's Great About Using VideoAsk

Updated: Jan 14

An example to learn what's great about using VideoAsk

If you are looking to build more of a rapport with your client base by boosting engagement and gather better customer insights then you should find out what’s great about using VideoAsk including the key benefits and applications.

Table of contents:

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What is VideoAsk?

VideoAsk is an interactive web app from Typeform, that allows for personal connection with visitors to a website to give feedback and receive an individual response through short online videos that enables questions to be answered both verbally and written through a selection of answer options. VideoAsk can also be used for lead generation, testimonials and audience engagement.

10 key benefits of VideoAsk

The following are the 10 key advantages of using VideoAsk:

1. Simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use where speaker notes can also be added to videos.

2. Fun and engaging

This are more of a fun and engaging way of surveying a community, individual customers or visitors to a website.

3. Variety of ways to share VideoAsk

Videoask can be applied in multiple ways by embedding a widget on your website, so no coding required and through a link via email or social media.

4. Better insights

Better insights by combining video interaction with question answer options that participants can select, allows for richer qualitative and quantitative insights from potential customers or website visitors.

5. Participants are likely to give more valuable feedback

Participants are more likely to give feedback via Videoask by allowing them to express themselves and can talk in more detail rather than just filling in a form.

6. Video responses are fully utilised

The videos are not only recorded and stored but also transcribed and organised to help pick out key themes and verbatim quotes for deeper customer insights.

7. Multiple ways of giving a response

Customer responses can be done either via video, text or audio, so not restricted to one form of communication and setting an appointment is not compulsory.

8. Helps to build relationships with customers

Helps to build relationships with customers through personal and visual interaction, so perfect for first impressions.

9. Easy integration

Can be easily integrated to a number of applications like Zapier, Hubspot, Webhooks, Acuity and Calendly.

10. Results can be easily shared

Not only can the results be exported into easy-to-use formats to view in Excel or Google Sheets but can also be shared in presentations in PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides.

Useful applications of VideoAsk

VideoAsk can be used in a variety of ways not just for research, here are some examples:

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys – where participants will not only be able to rate the brand on a scale of 0 to 10 but also give reasons why they gave the score and suggestions what they could improve on, all through the power of online video.

  • Testing new ideas or concepts - amongst your customer base to see what works or what doesn’t and make refinements to these concept ideas.

  • Customer satisfaction – a quick measure of what your customers think about your business including people who may want to leave (customer churn) and give you an opportunity to try to resolves these issues swiftly.

  • Employee satisfaction - capacity to measure employee satisfaction or engagement and encourage detailed response.

  • Testimonials - you can use customer testimonials and breathe life into your brand.

  • Lead generation - the capability to generate new leads from this application.

  • Audience engagement – by not having to schedule, you can post videos with questions to your audience and then give individual personal responses to each.

  • Recruitment – can be used for interviews or auditions.

So how does VideoAsk work?

As an example, you can follow these 9 simple steps to get started and share your first VideoAsk:

Step 1

Once you have signed in, you can go and create your first VideoAsk.

Step 2

You can either record or upload a video.

Step 3

When recording a video, you have the option to add speaker notes.

Step 4

Once you have recorded your first video, you have the opportunity to record the video again if you are not happy with it.

Step 5

After the video confirmation, you can add text overlay to the video and check the preview.

Step 6

The next step will be deciding how you want the question to be answered such as open ends, multiple choice or NPS as well as setting up calendar appointments.

Step 7

Following that you can decide, which communication format can be applied like text, audio or video. You can choose one or more options. You can set a time limit for audio and video.

Step 8

After completing the last step, you can customise your VideoAsk with branding, language, include consent options and request contact details.

Step 9

Finally select VideoAsk when you are ready to share.

Check out the video to see how easy it is to use VideoAsk

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