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3 Top Social Listening Tools To Consider Using In 2024

Updated: Jan 1

3 top social listening tools to consider

Social listening tools are online software that allows businesses an opportunity to monitor, analyse and respond to mentions about the brand on social media as part of a two-part process. For example, discussions can be tracked about competitors, sectors or relevant keywords and then analysis can be carried out from the data collected for strategies to be formed and actions to be taken based on these insights.

As social media listening enables businesses and websites to track and listen in on what customers and others are saying about a brand and their competitors across the web and social media then it’s a highly valuable tool you cannot ignore to use in developing strategies from the insights gained and there are 3 top social listening tools to consider.

These top social listening tools, also offer much more such as responding directly to negative and positive social media posts or track special words and symbols.

Note these tools are in no particular rank order and highlight the key features and benefits of each of these platforms to help you decide.

[Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links at no additional cost to you.]

The table above shows the advantages and disadvantages of using three social listening tools - Awario, Brand24 and SEMrush.


Awario is a well-known social media listening tool that crawls over 13 million pages on the web every day for customer and market intelligence with unlimited historical data. Awario allows you to not only listen but also to monitor brand mentions on news channels and popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Key features include:

  • Sentiment analysis (positive, negative and neutral brand mentions) can be carried out.

  • Boolean search for both novices and experts to track symbols or special words in two clicks on search engines. It’s basically a search function on steroids that you can generate specific queries based on a group of keywords.

  • Automation of the process, that includes social listening API for easy integration with software applications such as Slack.

  • Receive notifications of mentions - that you can filter and blacklist any irrelevant brand mentions to get a clear idea of what's coming through.

  • One reporting dashboard that covers all your social media analytics requirements, which can be tracked in real time and be able to see what the most important mentions are as well as who the main influencers are.

  • Location based monitoring for localised real time social media tracking of your customers to engage and respond.

  • Topic clouds to identify and understand key themes that dominate brand mentions.

  • A social selling tool to follow-up potential leads of people looking for similar types of products or services to yours on social media.

A 7-day free trial is available to try out.


Brand24 is another platform that allows you instant access to brand mentions across forums reviews, social, news, blogs, videos, podcasts and more. This tool is reliable and is easy to use that is perfect for individuals or businesses of any size.

Key features include:

  • Sentiment analysis – to monitor and respond to any negative mentions promptly as it provides automatic notifications and sentiment analysis reports of segmented positive, neutral and negative mentions of your brand. So, you can protect your brand by engaging in conversations.

  • Capability to track the number of people who have seen the mentions including engagements such as likes, shares and comments and you are provided with an automated daily or weekly report of key metrics.

  • Capacity to track PR and marketing efforts including hashtags and seeing the effects of a hashtag campaign via reach and engagement metrics.

  • Find relevant industry influencers - be able to source relevant industry influencers by social network to be brand ambassadors.

  • Increase customer satisfaction - by tracking and engaging customers through online reviews, message boards, social media mentions, blogs and so on. Read more about how this is possible in this post How Can Social Media Listening Increase Customer Advocacy?

Download the free E-book to get started and guide you on how to best use the Brand24 platform.

A 14-day free trial is available.


SEMrush does not only do social media listening but offers an award-winning all-in-one marketing insights tool suite that covers all your online requirements from researching competitors and keywords to improving online visibility.

A 7-day free trial is available.

Key features include:

  • Monitor brand mentions across popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Source the most relevant industry media to evaluate reach, distribution and analyse brand presence of your brand and competition.

  • Sentiment analysis – to track positive, neutral and negative mentions.

  • Competitor research – reporting of competitors online audience, engagement, activity and hashtags including SEO, advertising, content, tracking online mentions and social media performance.

  • Keyword research – an overview of keywords, organic research and look for gaps in keywords between your own profile and your competitors. Plus utilizing the largest keyword database called the Keyword Magic Tool.

  • Social media automation – to save time, streamline and integrate workflow processes including scheduling posts and ads.

  • Manage campaigns online for social media and PPC.

  • Content marketing tools – includes topic research, calendars, templates, content audit and SEO writing assistant.

  • Link building

  • Rank tracking tools

Why use social media listening tools?

Remember the following 10 reasons for using social media listening tools:

  1. Ability to tackle issues directly and promptly by responding to customer feedback or negative brand mentions on social media before they escalate.

  2. To build brand awareness online of product and service offering.

  3. Gain a better understanding of the target audience.

  4. Monitor a brand’s health in the marketplace.

  5. Gathering feedback on competitors from social media and use these insights to exploit competitor weaknesses.

  6. To build a brand’s image online through customer engagement and empathy.

  7. Lead generation and reaching out to new customers.

  8. Explore new opportunities to help optimise product or service offering by filling a need in the market.

  9. For promotional purposes by utilising social media listening tools to highlight frequent visitors to a website.

  10. Highlight key influencers in the sector to reach out to.

Next steps

If it’s a social media listening tool you are looking for then you should try Awario to service your online needs.

So, give it a go and try one of these online tools and see how your business can benefit from these platforms whether that’s for better customer engagement, resolving issues, enhancing your brand or outperforming your competitors.



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